page posted on June 14, 2022

Seungmoon Song's Research Page

Postdoctoral Scholar - Neuromechanical simulation and exoskeleton gait assistance

A postdoctoral research position with Dr. Seungmoon Song is available in the Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University, Boston, MA. The position is for an initial period of two years with possibility of annual extensions thereafter.

The main research project will be on developing and validating predictive neuromechanical simulations of young and older adults walking with ankle exoskeletons, funded by NIH NIA (R00AG065524). The postdoc will receive training, conduct research, write publications, and provide supplementary mentoring to Ph.D. students under Dr. Song's guidance and supervision. The position will also provide opportunities for close interactions with faculty and laboratories in human movement and rehabilitation robotics at Northeastern.

Focus areas:
Minimum requirements:
To apply for the position, email Dr. Song ( at northeastern dot edu) a cover letter and a CV. Applications received by July 11, 2022 will be fully considered and then will be on a rolling basis.