page updated in November 2021

Seungmoon Song's Research Page

Invited talks

BioRob 2020 Workshop on Community-Based Rehabilitation Research using Wearable Devices, November 2020.
“Toward predictive simulation for rehabilitation treatment”
[15 min talk + 5 min Q&A]

University of Delaware, September 2020.
“Towards predictive simulation of human movement for assistive devices and rehabilitation treatment”
[40 min talk + 20 min Q&A]

WearRAcon, March 2020.
“Towards optimal gait assistance”
[20 min talk + 5 min Q&A]

NeurIPS Deep RL workshop, December 2019.
“Learn to Move competition”
[15 min talk] [link]

Universities in Europe, July 2018
“Modeling human locomotion control and its applications”
[40 min talk + 20 min Q&A]

Universities and research institutes in Korea, July 2017
“Neuromechanical control models of human locomotion and their applications to rehabilitation engineering”
[40 min talk + 20 min Q&A]

Universities and companies in Korea, November 2015
“A neuromuscular model of human locomotion and its applicaiton to robotic assistive devices”
[40 min talk + 20 min Q&A]

The 10th workshop on humanoid soccer robots at IEEE Humanoids, November 2015.
“Neuromuscular model of human locomotion that can generate diverse locomotion behaviors”
[30 min talk] [link]