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Seungmoon Song's Research Page

Conference abstracts

S Song, H Choi, K Poggensee, CG Atkeson & SH Collins, Human-in-the-loop optimization of ankle-exoskeleton assistance for faster preferred walking speed: a preliminary study, Dynamic Walking, 2019. [5 min talk]

S Song, Ł Kidziński, R Khidorka, C Ong, S Mohanty, J Hicks, J Ku, S Carroll, S Levine, M Salathé, CG Atkeson, SH Collins & S Delp, Learn to Move: a competition to bridge biomechanics, neuroscience, robotics, and machine learning to model human motor control, Dynamic Walking, 2019. [10 min talk + Q&A]

S Song, H Geyer, SH Collins & CG Atkeson, Towards predictive neuromechanical simulations for pathological gait and assistive devices, World Congress of Biomechanics, 2018. [poster]

A Falisse, G Serrancoli, C Dembia, S Song, I Jonkers & F De Groote, "Computationally efficient pre-dictive muscle-driven simulations of 3D walking," World Congress of Biomechanics, 2018.

S Song, Y Aucie & G Torres-Oviedo, Can split-belt treadmill walking be explained with a reflex-based model?, Neuroscience, 2017. [poster]

S Song & H Geyer, Modeling and exploring elderly walking with neuromechanical simulations, Dynamic Walking, 2017. [12 min talk + Q&A]

S Song & H Geyer, A spinal reflex based neuromuscular model of human locomotion investigated against unexpected disturbances, Neuroscience, 2016. [poster]

S Song & H Geyer, Testing a neuromuscular locomotion control model against human experiments, Dynamic Walking, 2016. [10 min talk + Q&A]

S Song & H Geyer, Using a neuromuscular model of human locomotion to control bipedal robots, Dynamic Walking, 2015. [poster]

S Song & H Geyer, Robust 3D locomotion models using primarily reflex control, Dynamic Walking, 2013. [10 min talk + 10 min Q&A]